Hybrid Air Freighters (HAF) is fully dedicated to developing services based on a fleet of Hybrid Airships. HAF will offer new solutions that address in priority the unmet or poorly covered remote transportation needs.

Hybrid Airships offer tremendous opportunities to address the major economic and environmental challenges of freight transport.
  • High transportation cost in a growing number of remote areas, which are poorly served
  • Congested existing transport infrastructures in developed areas
  • Low level of investment in new infrastructures due to financial and political constraints
  • Compulsory reduction of greenhouse gases and of other environmental impacts produced by means of transport
  • Increasing opposition to the negative impacts of transportation means
  • Continuous growth of freight transport
  • Security issues in land transportation
Created by a team of experts in transport and logistic and in air transport, HAF is particularly well placed to design and implement the most appropriate and the most efficient transport solutions based on the Lockheed Martin Hybrid Airship (LMH). HAF establishes long-term relationships with its customers and operates the LMH to fully answers to their transportation requirements