HAF experts have identified numerous markets and situations which could strongly benefit from using the LMH.

Extracting industries:

  • Answering to people and freight transport needs in more and more remote and difficult areas
  • Addressing government increasing requirements regarding environments and infrastructures

Large-scale infrastructure and engineering works:

  • Providing an efficient solution to the projects freight transport requirements without building costly temporary transportation infrastructures.

Territorial policy:

  • Improving relations and links with remote territories and people.

High value goods:

  • Ensuring a reliable and safe solution for transporting valuable goods (e.g. electronic devices, drugs, medical equipment, key spare parts) in unsafe environment and emergency situation.

Multimodal transport:

  • Un-locking traditional truck, train, ship solutions when they are facing obstacles and congested infrastructures

Humanitarian activity:

  • To make quickly available an efficient transportation solution to support the rescue teams in case of earthquake, humanitarian crisis…