LMH Airship

HAF operates the new Lockheed Martin Hybrid Airship (LMH).

The LMH is a breakthrough concept, that introduces at least four major innovations vs traditional airships: no metallic structure, filled with not flammable helium, aircushions vs mast fastening and air wing shape. More: the LMH requires little or no ground infrastructures.

Lockheed Martin has invested over $200 million in 20 years to develop this completely new Hybrid Airship. The result is a very safe, highly maneuverable, cost efficient and environmentally friendly airship

Hybrid Technology

Hybrid Technology combines the best characteristics of fixed and rotors wings. 80% of the lift comes from buoyancy and 20% from aerodynamics and direct lift.

  • Higher maneuverability
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Safer flights

    Innovative Air Cushion Landing System (ACLS)

    • Take-off and landing on almost all unimproved flat surfaces, including water, snow, ice, sand, grass
    • No need for costly ground infrastructures
    • Easy loading and unloading directly on the ground
    • Easy access to cargo bay

    Non rigid helium filled envelope.

    • Reduced airship weight and improved performances
    • High safety level, no explosion risk as helium is a non-flammable gas
    • Huge airlift capability and tremendous efficiency: payload account for 50% of total mass, compared to 20-30% for helicopters and airplane

    Computerized assisted flight system derived from the fighter jets.

    • Enhancement of stability and lift management during the flights
    • Ability to flight day and night and in low visibility conditions
    • Electronic flight instruments panel
    • Inertial and satellite navigation systems